The end of Journey “Kingdom of Lore”

Ahmed Belhaj
3 min readMay 9, 2022

Kingdom of Lore is Real time Strategy game which originally inspired by the famous Stronghold Crusader and The best Selling RTS title Age of empire,

Kingdom of lore will be taking a place in Europe during The Crusades War .

The Project is Created By Me and

as Portfolio Project for during of period of a month and half

During This Period We managed to Implement A scalable game , we faced a lot of struggle when it come to figuring out Mechanism and pattern we used to make it work , as part of the process we discovered that There is no right way for doing thing , it’s a matter of how close to right you can get , From my perspective my main focus where on Core Game and Features , i am Developer after all , For now we were mainly focused on making things work when it come to code , We didn’t give much time and effort for The UI/UX , Visual effects , animation , audio , and The asset also , we passed more time making those units move as we want them to be , i struggled working with colliders especially cause it was the most used thing in the process of creating RTS game , we made sure that our game is fully customizable open for changes for the future and easy to edit whenever we feel like it .

We made it possible to ourselves to work on Clean and easy to change ,by working with pattern and functionality that allow us to go far behind basic things.

we covered Resources, Unit and Building Management and the ability to add other thing to pool whenever we wanted by adding Wrapper for Everything. we covered basic unit movement to production and Player Controlled Fight we also Covered Resources gathering and production For now we are stick with ore mine which gives you ability to produce gold in Refinery Building for timeline reasons ,we also Covered The Construction Part and The Enemy Part , we didn’t yet implement the AI , we were focused on fixing bugs and making thing work to build up foundation For the other aspect of our game , We worked with Unity and C# for this project including Universal Render Pipeline .

As key Features , we made sure that our game follow the new gen approaches and maintain the old fashion way , most of the time we passed was about concepting , modeling and keep a good track changes we made in way that help us move on to next steps without worrying and changing code every time we implement a feature , our Proud Features and Mechanism (Starts that are given in bellow picture are based on our opinion as Game Developer and Video Game player)

As My Journey Come to an end in Holberton School as AR/VR Student , I am Proud of the thing i come to achieve during last consecutive 18 month , from learning the basic of programing to building a Cross Platform App to landing a job to making RTS game which was one of the best thing i come to achieve during my Study in Holberton School Tunis and as part Global holbies Community ,

We will be sure working on it in Future Day ,and give more time an effort to Design, Graphics , improving The gameplay, Story and even multiplayer , we will make it free to play when time come to it

I will leave you with a footages from the Development Build :



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